Utilizing Customer Profiles to Reach Your Ideal Clients

When developing a marketing strategy, it is all too easy to focus on your business: What products or services do we want our customers to buy? Which strategies will result in the biggest sales for us? How can we raise our conversion rate?

Questions like these lead to a kind of myopia that can cause you to forget about the more important point of view: your customers’. What do THEY want from you? Which features of your business do they view the most positively? What do they view negatively? Which information do they want to know before making a purchase decision? These are the truly important questions to ask before implementing your marketing strategy. The best way to keep the emphasis on the customer is to develop customer profiles as part of your plan.

What Is a Customer Profile?

A customer profile, or persona, is a description of your ideal customer. It contains broader demographic information about them, but also what their goals are in their relationship with your business, the kind of information that will matter to them, and even how they will find you. In order to build an effective customer profile, you need to consider several factors:

Who Are You Selling To?

Is your ideal customer an individual or a business? Small business or large company? What industry are they part of? Obviously, there is more than one type of customer you are aiming to attract, so you’ll want to flesh out a persona for each type of customer you’re after: the owner of a small business looking to expand, the manager looking to improve a specific element of performance, the large company looking for an outside solution to a problem.

Demographic Information

Depending on your company’s products or services, some of the things it may be useful to know about your customers could include age, gender, ethnicity, education, location of residence, socioeconomic status, income, employment status, religion, marital status, home/car/pet ownership, language, or mobility. Include whichever information (not limited to these) that may be relevant to your client base.

Customer Motivation

Think about why your customer is seeking you out. Are they looking to expand into your sector for the first time, or are they displeased with a prior service provider and looking for a replacement? What specifically will they want from you in terms of products and/or services?


Consider what type of information will be most persuasive to this client. Do they want a broad overview of your services, or are they more interested in detail? Do they want to see numbers and charts? Case studies of past clients? Testimonials of your performance?

How They Find You

Factor in where your potential clients will hear about you. Will it be through an online search? What terms are they likely to search that will bring them to your website? What type of material do you want them to find when they get there, based on those searches? Will they discover you on social media? On which social media site?

Bringing It All Together

Once you’ve considered all this, you can create several customer profiles for your different client types. These personas will be general, but with enough detail to help you tailor your marketing approach to each one, giving them the type of information they want and highlighting the aspects of your company that are most relevant to them.

However, these customer profiles are only as good as the information that goes into them. If you misjudge your customers or their motivations, you may find yourself marketing to a client that doesn’t exist. xAmplifier’s software helps avoid this problem by giving you vital insights into your past, current, and prospective customers: demographic information, social media and online review site preferences, the aspects of your business that drove them to choose you or that they didn’t care for. Information like that leads to strong, accurate images of your customers and allows you build effective customer profiles.

If you’re interested in learning more about how xAmplifier can fuel your customer profile strategy, you can contact us at sales@xamplifier.com or 866-363-6434.

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