Using Memes to Build Your Brand & Grow Revenue

Think memes can’t be used to promote your business? Think again.
When used correctly, memes on social networking sites can successfully draw large numbers of followers to your business. However, you should understand that memes tend to be short-lived, so using a meme near the end of its life-cycle will not work out well for your business.
Memes usually go through four stages: birth and growth, peak, decline, and death. Make sure to use a meme during its growth or peak phase to achieve desired results and successfully integrate it into your marketing campaign.
What is a Meme?
Traditionally, a meme is any idea or behavior that spreads between people in a culture. The modern meme is an online photo or video image, usually with text attached to it. Popular memes include single panel images or four-image comic strips. One of the more popular examples is Doge, a meme typically featuring a Shiba Inu dog with Comic Sans text in broken English.
Proper Branding
Before you use any meme to market your business, you need to research and understand the meme’s origin. Knowing when and why the meme went viral will help you use the meme properly in branding your business. You can garner an excellent understanding of the meme’s origin, stage, and relevance at Also, make sure that the meme is actually relevant to your business’s products and services. On the other hand, you shouldn’t allow the meme to take on a very serious tone. Making your meme humorous personalizes the ad and ensures that more followers will share and provide feedback.
Regulate Your Memes
While memes can help you grow your business, using too many at once can overwhelm your followers. Keep an eye on the number of memes you use and regulate that number if it exceeds the content marketing strategy. These memes should appear only to provide a break from actual content. Using relevant memes regularly but not too frequently can successfully drive traffic to your business’s site. Starting out on a small scale by creating two or three memes per week will help you achieve huge returns for less. Choose from a plethora of memes available online to expand your business’s audience.
Include Call-to-Action
Especially if you are using a popular meme, it’s important to throw in a call-to-action, like a URL linking to your business’s website. This call-to-action will make your followers more curious about your business.
Generate Exposure
Understand your target audience in order to gain great exposure for your business. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr are the best sites to generate shares and views. Make sure to utilize embed share buttons to make your memes visible, enhance your social signals, and advance your search ranking.
Make Your Own Meme
Making your own meme is a great way to ensure that your brand image is attached to it. Doing so will allow you to link the meme back to your website to increase your business’s visibility. There are a number of meme generators available online that will help you design memes to promote your business. You can either upload an original image or add your own text to an existing meme.

Targeted Meme Distribution

Memes are an excellent way to spread messages quickly and promote new products or services, but if your target customers aren’t frequenting the websites or social media platforms you’re posting memes on, even a well-crafted meme campaign can go to waste. The xAmplifier software system helps our clients overcome this hurdle by bringing relevant, engaging memes to the right customers.

xAmplifier’s dynamic post-survey landing pages allow you to choose which memes or images are shown to specific customers based on their demographics, interests, or purchases, complete with social media buttons for easy likes and shares. Similarly, custom-designed memes can be added to touchpoints to liven up or personalize customer-bound emails. xAmplifier’s dynamic distribution approach leads to faster recognition and adoption of memes along with the flexibility to easily switch out content when it becomes dated.
Want to learn more about viral marketing strategies to enhance your business’s digital reputation? Contact us at or call 866.363.6434 to see what xAmplifier can do for you!

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