How Businesses Can Use WhatsApp and WeChat


xAmplifier wants to help you build your business’ digital reputation and audience. That’s why this week, we’ll teach you how to use social media platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat to engage customers and expand your business!


WhatsApp is an instant messaging service for smartphones and other mobile devices that allows you to send text messages, audio, image and video as well as your location using integrated mapping features. The app, free for the first year and 99 cents after, helps to simplify communications, works using WiFi and automatically adds people from your phone’s contact list, as long as they’re on WhatsApp.


WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication app available on smartphones. The app allows text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, and photo, video and location sharing.

Here are three clever ways to use these two apps to suit your business needs:

Customer Service and Communications
Telecommunication companies often use Twitter to provide instant customer support, but you could easily use WhatsApp or WeChat instead. If a customer is having issues, simply respond to their questions or concerns in real time.

WhatsApp and WeChat both offer multimedia content and unlike Twitter, messages are longer than 140 characters, so your communications with your customers are not restricted. The apps also provide a more personable and private type of communication than Twitter does.

WhatsApp also offers a platform to share your blog posts and communications with customers and readers. Build your customers’ trust in you by sharing these posts rather than directly advertising and soliciting business on the app.

Perfect for communicating information to small groups, WhatsApp and WeChat allow you to keep customers and employees up to date about events and meet ups. Once you have the phone numbers of attendees, you can invite them to a group related to your company meet up or event on the apps. You can then post updates and supporting multimedia content about the event as well as take pictures on your phone at the event and share them with members.

Team Communications
A fast and cost-effective way for small groups to communicate with each other, WhatsApp and WeChat are great alternatives to email if you work as part of a small team, especially if its members are based in different locations. You can share important information and updates within WhatsApp and WeChat groups with other team members and avoid navigating lengthy email chains.

While WhatsApp and WeChat aren’t suitable for all businesses, the apps are useful for small teams and customer communications.

At xAmplifier, we provide you with tools to improve your business’ digital reputation. You can contact us at or call 866.363.6434 to see what xAmplifier can do for you!

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